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FYLER, Arthur Evelyn, Colonel. The Development of Cyprus, and Rambles in the Island. With coloured Illustrations, Maps and Plan, Londra, Percy Lund, Humphries & Co., [1900].

Colonel Arthur Evelyn Fyler (d. 1904) was in the 50th Queen’s Own West Kent Regiment, which he joined in 1853. He saw action in the Crimean War (October 1853 – March 1856), and was involved in the battle of Alma and Inkerman and the siege and fall of Sevastopol. He was involved in the latter part of the New Zealand Wars, that took place from 1845 to 1872 between the New Zealand government and the indigenous Māori. He commanded the first battalion of his regiment throughout the Egyptian war of 1882, and was present at the action of Kassassin, when on 28 August and again on 9 September 1882 the Egyptian army led by Ahmed Urabi Pasha attacked the British troops in order to recapture the Suez Canal. He obtained his captaincy in 1859, his majority in 1872, his lieutenant-colonelcy in 1880, and his colonelcy in 1883, in which year he retired. He died at The Bury aged 72.

In his book The Development of Cyprus, the author aspires ‘to draw attention to a land that has taken no small share in the history of the world, […] which may fairly be called the outpost of the Suez Canal. […] He has earnestly endeavoured to avoid anything of a political nature, feeling that the dawn of the prosperity of the Island will surely begin when all parties recognise it as a valuable and integral part of the British Empire.’ Furthermore, he discusses the island's current political and financial position, its military and naval standing, and its scenery, and describes a personal tour from Troodos to Kyrenia and Famagusta. During his tour he visited many towns and villages, such as Famagusta, Larnaca, Kyrenia, Limassol and Paphos, as well as sacred and historic sites and monuments like the ruins of Bella Pais, the old fortress of St. Hilarion, the Famagusta fort, and the tomb of St. Catherine in Salamis.

The publication contains numerous illustrations, especially in the last chapters, ‘which treat of the scenery of the Island, in order to bring the scenes portrayed more vividly before the reader than mere writing could do.’ Many of these illustrations were done from watercolour sketches, made by the author during his sojourn on the island.

Colonel Fyler also wrote a history of the 50th regiment with which he was so long connected.


The History of the 50th or (the Queen's Own) Regiment: From the Earliest Date to the Year 1881. London: Chapman & Hall, 1895.

The Development of Cyprus, and Rambles in the Island, with coloured Illustrations, Maps, and Plans. London: Percy Lund, 1899.

“Personal notes from London”, Evening Post [Wellington, New Zealand], Volume LXVII, Issue 105, 4 May 1904, p.6.

Written by Nicolas Nicolaides

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