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Tomb of Josaphat (Jerusalem) (3 Subjects)

The valley of Josaphat. The tombs of Absalom and Prophet Isaiah. The site of Siloam.


Map of Caesarea Maritima. (B) Mount Tabor. (Ι) The funerary monuments known as "Tombs of the Kings" in Jerusalem. Tomb of Josaphat in Kidron  Valley in Jerusalem.


36. Panoramic view of Jerusalem. 37. The tombs of Josaphat, Absalon and Zechariah at Kidron Valley, Jerusalem. 38. Remains of monumental building on the Mount of Olives where, according to tradition, Jesus prayed before his arrest. View of the Tombs of the Kings outside Jerusalem. The tomb of Absalom at Kidron Valley. The castle of Yaffa.