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HAMILTON, Cospatrick Baillie. A Series of Views in the Mediterranean, Grecian Archipelago, Bosphorus and the Black Sea, from Sketches made during a Tour in 1855 & 1866, Londra, Day & Son, 1857.

The publication consists of a series of views in the Mediterranean, the Greek Archipelago, the Ionian Sea, the Bosporus, and the Black Sea engraved by Vincent Brooks, Day & Son, from original drawings by the British aristocrat Mary Baillie-Hamilton (née Grove, d. 1897), wife of Admiral Cospatrick Baillie-Hamilton. Hamilton visited Sukhumi (Souchoum Kaleh), Batumi, Trebizond, Sinope, Istanbul, Athens, Corfu, Cythera and Malta. The twelve illustration plates include the Mosque of Saint Sophia in Trebizond, a view from Garuna Pass in Corfu (a favourite excursion place for European travellers along with the ruins of the ancient city of Calliope, Paleocastritza, and the mountain of St. Salvador or Mt Pantokrator), Kapsali bay in Kythira, the Acropolis of Athens as seen from the Pnyx, the port of Piraeus, Strada Theatre in Valletta and a general view of the port of Valletta.

Written by Nicolas Nicolaides

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