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1. Elevation of the facade of the temple of Bacchus (or Lesser Temple) at Baalbek, Lebanon. Architectural features of the same temple. 2. View of the archaelogical site of Baalbek.

Alternative Title

The Temple at Baalbeck. The prospect of Baalbeck.



Bibliographic Citation

THOMPSON, Charles. The travels of the late Charles Thompson, Esq. Containing his observations on France, Italy, Turkey in Europe, the Holy Land, Arabia, Egypt, and many other parts of the world : giving a particular and faithful account of what is most remarkable in the manners, religion, polity, antiquities, and natural history of those countries : with a curious description of Jerusalem as it now appears, and most other places mention'd in the Holy Scriptures / publish'd from the author's original manuscript, interspers'd with the remarks of several other modern travellers, and illustrated with historical, geographical, and miscellaneous notes by the editor, vol. II, Reading, C. Micklewright, 1752.


Heliopolis / Baalbek


Art and antiquities


The Gennadius Library - The American School of Classical Studies at Athens