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Rock of Meribah (2 Subjects)

1. Mount Sinai as seen from the Red Sea. 2. The Rock of Meribah out of which issued water when smitten by the rod of Moses. 3. 4 Summits of Mount Sinai (Mount Moses and Mount Horeb). 5. Mount Horeb. 6. Mount Carmel.


24. Mount Horeb. 25. Monastery near Mount Moses, Egypt, which the author calls “Monastery of the Burning Bush”. 26. View of the Sphinx at Giza necropolis, Cairo. 28. Church near Cairo. 29. The Pyramids of Giza. Graves in Ottoman cemetery of Cairo. 31. The rock of Meribah on Mount Choreb. 32. Mount Sinai with the monastery of Saint Catherine and Mount Moses.