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Mount Ida / Kazdağı (Turkey) (2 Subjects)

Map of the Dardanelles and the Sea of Marmara: 1. Mount Uludag (Olympus of Mysia). 2. Marmara Sea or Propontis. 3. The islands of Marmara. 4. The position of Gallipoli. 5. Sultaniye castle on the Asian shore of the Dardanelles. 6. The Hellespont. 7,8. The New Fortresses of the Dardanelles. 9. The New Fortresses of the Dardanelles. 10. Ancient remains at the Troad. 11. Mount Ida at the Troad. 12. Simoes river. 13. Istanbul.


View of the summit of mount Ida in the Troad from an inn at Edremit.